Thursday, June 23, 2016

Notes on Connecting the texts...


ALM is about silence, not talking about race
Brings attention back to white people

Johnson says silence is what perpetuates the problem

Colorblindness is about silence because it is about NOT talking about race

All Lives Matter is about the "luxury of obliviousness" (Johnson)

The interview in Delpit is the same "good intention" of the All Lives Matter group.  But it just ignores the real issue at hand and then creates bigger power differential

Delpit (29) "Unconscious of true motives"; "Black folks know when they are lying"

NOW WHAT -- how do we take action

Recognize privilege, talk about it (Colorblindness and Johnson)

Johnson says don't get defensive!  (14)
"It is important to step back to defensive sensitivity..."

So does DELPIT!! "unflattering light of another's angry gaze" (46)

Colorblind talk about law and legal issues; exercises with students are about doing the explicit work that Delpit calls for.

Johnson says SAY THE WORDS
Colorblind and All Lives Matter say NOT JUST ANY WORDS

What does it mean to be an ally??
Danger of good intentions
Dangers of speaking for others

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