Thursday, June 16, 2016

Alan Johnson: Notes from class

What KEY ISSUES does the Alan Johnson text raise?

Our reality is socially constructed
We made this problem and we have the power to change it
Bottom of page 3:  this problem is closer to our own making
Across the globe, there are things that are valued more than others

Different kinds of privilege (attractiveness)
Gender issues related to weight:  "Dad Bod" vs "baby weight"

Individuals and Institutions (rained on but not wet)
On the one hand it is all personal
On the other hand, it is much bigger than us.
p. 4  "We are prisoners to something..."

Say the Words (The problem with Silence)
Johnson says we have to say the words that make us uncomfortable
analogy of the marriage, silence around cheating (p. 8)
"luxury of obliviousness"  (ignorance is bliss if you don't know better) 
Privilege means not have to think about it...
How do you speak up and speak out?

"What do you mean by that...?"  
A good phrase to use to call out a moment of discrimination of oppression.

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